Adjustable width beltweigher

This low cost general purpose beltweigher is ideal for monitoring production and inventory or for controlling product loadout.

The robust two part design of the ED400 beltweigher makes it suitable for any width of double stringer conveyor, and as it utilises the existing idler sets there are no complicated measurements to take.


  • Adjustable to suit any width or conveyor
  • Dual load cell for accuracy of better than 1%*
  • Under speed detection
  • Digital display of rate (t.p.h) and batch total
  • Auto zeroing facility
  • Robust construction for low maintenance
  • Desk top or wall mounted readout unit
  • Connect to a PLC or computer
    • Batch totalise output - one pulse every 100kg
    • 4-20mS rate output (tonnes per hour)

* many factors can affect the accuracy of a beltweigher, so our 1% figure is conservative. Most installations will achieve a higher level of accuracy depending on the positioning of the weigher and the condition of the idler sets.

Beltweigher integrators