Service Commitment  - we offer a full installation and commissioning service with a 12 month parts and labour warranty* on all of our products

If you have a problem with any product we have installed and commissioned we will return to your site and fix the problem FREE of CHARGE within the first 12 months.

Continuous hot aggregate bin level indicators -  5 year guarantee against sensor wear

This guarantee covers all in bin metal work (sensor channel, isolating pillars, and protective angle) against normal wear from hot aggregate not exceeding 40mm in size. Should any part of the sensor assembly wear sufficiently to cause unstable or erratic level readings this guarantee covers the supply only of sufficient replacement parts to repair or replace worn sensor parts. This guarantee does not extend to the electrical or electronic components of the installation. These are covered by our standard 12 month parts and labour warranty.

*The warranty is limited to normal and reasonable wear and tear, and does not cover accidental damage. The warranty will be invalidated if equipment or an installation is attended to by persons other than those trained and appointed by Ellway Design Limited. We reserve the right to make a call out charge if the fault does not lie with our equipment and charge for any replacement parts necessary due to damage.

Spare parts

We manufacture in house so we always have spare parts for all Ellway Design branded products, regardless of their age. We design our parts to be backwardly compatible, so when we move our designs forward we can continue to support older equipment.

For prices call 07812 354481.