Remote control loading

Remote Control Dumper Truck Loading Handset

Dump truck loading - Use the multi button handset to activate the feed and discharge mechanism of the screen house bins to load the dumper truck without leaving the cab. Load single size material or call up a pre selected blend. Automatic target load* selection takes the guess work out of loading; maximising the load without overloading.

*requires a mechanism of weighing the material, e.g. a beltweigher

Use in conjunction with the wireless bin level monitoring unit to give your dumper truck driver the freedom to operate in other areas of the quarry, while maintaining control of the screen house bin material levels.

Wireless Bin Level Monitoring
Remote control lorry loading handset

Lorry loading - Reduce the risk of accidents with our remote control lorry loading system. Drivers call up a pre-programmed blend and tonnage at the push of a button without leaving the cab.

Numbered handsets are linked to a batch through a blend control system operated by the site personnel. Once a handset is assigned a blend and tonnage the lorries can be loaded in any order. The driver simply positions himself at the discharge point and presses a button to initiate the automatic load out sequence.

Blend controller batching screen

Blend control interface

The robust handsets and central controller can also be adapted for use in other areas of the quarry where you need remote control operation of conveyors, chutes, and other discharge mechanisms.