Bitumen heater auto dialling power monitoring unit

Our simple but effective monitoring unit, constantly monitors the voltage input lines to the tank heaters and/or trace heating.

If the unit detects a failure on any one voltage it places a call to nominated telephone numbers to report the power failure.

The unit requires a positive keyed response from the receiving telephone before deactivating the auto dial sequence. Once power is restored to the failed input, monitoring is automatically restored.

The system is fitted with an override switch for each monitored input so that power can be removed for maintenance without triggering the auto dialling sequence.

Bitumen heater monitoring 


  • Independently monitors up to 8 voltage inputs*
  • Automatically dials nominated telephone numbers to report a power failure
  • Requires keyed response from receiving telephone - ensuring the message is delivered to a person and not a voice mail
  • Assign a unique message to each monitored input
  • Stores up to 10 contact numbers
  • Available to connect to an existing land line or mobile network
  • BT approved unit

* 4 and 8 input models available

Enclosure: Weatherproof enclosure IP67

300w x 300h x 120d (mm)

Power input: 100v or 240v ac

Auto Dialling Panel